Embark on a Sacred Water Purification Ritual with a Bali High Priest

Experience the profound and transformative ritual of water purification and blessings, guided by a revered Bali High Priest. This sacred ceremony is dedicated to purifying and cleansing one’s being, ridding it of negative influences caused by the imbalance of three material energies: Satwam, rajas, and tamas.

The water blessing holds multiple spiritual purposes, encompassing healing for those suffering from ailments, the symbolic removal of “stains” and “dirt” on newborn babies, purification of the bride and groom during traditional Balinese wedding ceremonies, and invoking blessings of glory and prosperity for leaders in their duties.

Conducted at any time, this transformative ritual prefers auspicious days like ‘Kajeng Kliwon,’ a day believed to hold magical power in the Balinese calendar, along with ‘Purnama’ (full moon), ‘Tilem’ (new moon), and other significant occasions tailored to individual situations, needs, and goals.

For your convenience and proximity, we have established connections with esteemed High Priests in Bali. As a result, the water purification and blessing activities will take place near your place of stay.