Keraban Langit Temple: Unveiling the Mystical Temple of the Sky Roof

Nestled in the serene Sading Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, lies the enchanting Keraban Langit Temple. Situated on the bank of a meandering river and surrounded by lush rice fields, this temple holds a sacred spring that is believed by the community to bestow blessings upon those who visit.

At the heart of Keraban Langit Temple lies a captivating cave. Upon entering this core sanctuary, a profound sense of tranquility, freshness, and coolness envelops you, courtesy of a natural gap at the top of the cave that allows the passage of fresh air and gentle sunlight. As a result, anyone engaged in prayer or meditation within this sacred space experiences utmost comfort and a captivating aura of magic. Aptly named “Keraban Langit,” derived from the Balinese words “Kerep,” meaning roof, and “Langit,” meaning sky, this temple is rightfully known as the “Temple of the Sky Roof.”

Embark on a unique spiritual journey that will lead you through an authentic purification healing ritual, guided by a wise Balinese priest who will delve into the profound symbolism of this experience. As you prepare to enter the temple, the priest will meticulously arrange the necessary offerings and seek divine blessings on your behalf. Many who have ventured on this remarkable path describe it as the cornerstone of their Balinese encounters—a transformative journey that leaves an enduring positive influence on their lives.

In the embrace of Keraban Langit Temple, immerse yourself in its mystique, as the convergence of spirituality and natural beauty envelopes your being. Allow the temple’s sacred spring to infuse you with blessings and unveil a deeper connection with the divine. Let the healing power of the ritual and the wisdom of the Balinese priest guide you to a profound sense of inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.

Step into the realm of the Temple of the Sky Roof, where the ancient and the mystical intertwine, inviting you to discover the essence of Bali’s spiritual heritage. Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to purify your soul and experience a timeless encounter that resonates far beyond the moment.


  • Tour guide with any languages can be arranged with additional cost
  • Accommodation can also be arranged with additional cost
  • Vehicles type can be changed based on your request with additional charged.
Time Estimation:

08.30 ~ Pick up at Hotel / Villa
09.00 ~ Arrive at Kereban Langit Temple Water Spring
09.30 ~ Short Briefing & Initiations from Master
11.00 ~ Water Purification Activities
12.00 ~ Chakra Balancing & Spiritual Initiations from Master
13.00 ~ Farewell and Back to the Hotel / Villa

What to bring:

Changing clothes, Swimsuits, sandals, hat, camera, money, sunglasses and sunscreen.